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What We Do
At KeelΧ, we make easy to use software and computerized machines that give simple solutions to complex maritime problems. KeelX Analytics blends artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that boost profit generation and reduce carbon emissions of ships.
To better understand how we are different, we invite you to book a demo with one of our specialists to learn about our story and see KeelX Analytics in action.
Root Optimisation
Our Suites
Eco Suite
Eco Suite
Pro Suite
Pro Suite
The KeelX Approach
Fuss-Free UX
Fuss-Free UX
Spun off from a shipowning group we combine our understanding of client needs with a commitment to providing a simplified user experience conducive to business success.
Augmentative AI​
Augmentative AI​
We focus on the effective use of deep learning technologies in enhancing human intelligence.
Sustainable Profitability
Sustainable Profitability​
With climate change in mind, we leverage technology to reap environmental benefits for the planet and economic gains for our clients.
Watch. Analyze. Act.
Never Miss A Trick
Keep track of your fleet and be notified on time about what matters to you. Deep dive into your fleet’s history and harness the power of AI and ML to optimize your routes. All in one place.
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We are always on the lookout to meet talented needle-movers, so check out our open positions and join us on our Mission.
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