Learn how KeelX Analytics can help you unlock the true potential of your ships.
The KeelX Approach
Fuss-Free UX
Fuss-Free UX
Spun off from a shipowning group we combine our understanding of client needs with a commitment to providing a simplified user experience conducive to business success.
Augmentative AI​
Augmentative AI​
We focus on the effective use of deep learning technologies in enhancing human intelligence.
Sustainable Profitability
Sustainable Profitability​
With climate change in mind, we leverage technology to reap environmental benefits for the planet and economic gains for our clients.
Emissions Reduction
Emissions Reduction
Cost Optimization
Cost Optimization​
Proactive Management
Proactive Management​
Our team will help you envision and if possible, experience what life with KeelX Analytics can be like.
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